Modafinil is classified as the analeptic drug. Through it, patients can be able to stay awake for 40 hours while active. It improves concentration and boosts mood. Typically, it improves your memory and cognitive abilities. Additionally, it has soft effects compared to the amphetamines, allowing a patient to stay awake for more hours and fall asleep after the effect of the drug.


In a country like the US, modafinil is commonly sold in pharmacies, under a name known as Provigil. FDA approves it. This drug is prescribed to patients having a condition of narcolepsy, sleep disorders, drowsiness, or decrease in depth breathing. It does not have the same side effects like psych stimulants such as hand trembling. Today, many people in professionals that demand more hours of wakefulness normally take modafinil. Some of the professionals include;

• Army

• Ambulance officers

• Doctors

• Police officers

• Firefighters

• Truck drivers

• Some taxi drivers

• Programmers

Dosage of modafinil

Your doctor will prescribe the necessary dosage to administer. However, the dosage ranges from 200mg to 400mg in a day. A glass of water normally accompanies the tablet. Generally, it is advisable to take modafinil in the morning, so that you can maintain the state of wakefulness throughout the entire day, and experience fewer disturbances for sleeping.

On the other hand, if you could be having hypertension during medication, you should monitor your blood pressure. Additionally, if you have a condition in liver function, you should reduce the dosage from 100 to 200 mg in a day. On the other hand, any patient who has hepatic or renal impairment, they should consider having a reduced dosage.


This drug should be avoided by the following category of people;

• Patients suffering from cirrhosis of the liver

• Patients with high sensitivity of drug

• Patients with a history of cardiovascular disease

• Females during breastfeeding

• Females during pregnancy

It is very important to know that modafinil, usually reduces the effectiveness of the contraceptives that could lead to pregnancy. You should never combine the drug with alcohol. Modafinil might also give positive results in doping, which is very important information to athletes. Modafinil is responsible for raising the level of histamine; therefore, allergic people should avoid it.


If you administer a large quantity of the drugs, you could have the following side effects;

• Cardiopalmus

• Nerve agitation

• High blood pressure

However, in case you took overdose you should consider calling the ambulance.

Modafinil has some side effects with good impressive results. It increases concentration and efficiency, reducing the urge to sleep.

This is why many professionals that require more hours of concentration use it. Nevertheless, many countries are considering replacing the traditional amphetamine with modafinil. This is because of its outstanding qualities. Finally, you can consult your family members and friends before buying.